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Retired DSLR photographer and camera teacher. Now I use my 12Pro 100% of the time.

Winning photos

Beauty of nature found in the front yard on the eaves drain downpipe. Snow followed by mild temps created this icy cascade.

79th Collection

I love old collapsed buildings heavily dressed in winter snow. The low sun gave this shot an ethereal glow. Taken along an Alberta highway.

78th Collection

Too cute to pass by, I had to capture this tribute to the movie, Cars. Saint Paul in Rural Alberta.

78th Collection

Sometimes, one need only look out their bedroom window. A beautiful morning sky that doesn’t last long, but what colors!

77th Collection

Who can resist a frosted wire fence stretching into the distance, bedazzled into diamonds by sunshine. I had to wait for this shot since the sun was being very shy that day.

76th Collection

A cerulean blue sky, some snowy foliage, and a handsome old yesteryear barn that has withstood the ravages of time and weather. Alberta countryside is filled with these gorgeous old buildings.

76th Collection

The day was grey and flat, but as we passed this graveyard, I noticed the sun attempting a breakthrough. I jumped from the car and waited. It was simply amazing. I stood in the snow for a long time delighting in the shots. Especially the long shadows resulting from the gravestones.

76th Collection

Wandering through the back roads is always fun. I couldn’t resist this old truck all dolled up for Halloween.

75th Collection

Sometimes a photo finds you. I had left a glass on my bathroom countertop just in front of a nightlight. A pair of my earrings looked perfect in the light rays. My old harlequin clock provided a backdrop. The pattern proved a nice contrast to the wedges of shadow and light.

75th Collection

Near Sylvan Lake in our province of Alberta affords many photo opportunities, especially at sunset. But I had to chase this one to find a dramatic foreground subject. We found this ditch with its watery tree reflections down a gravel road. Perfect.

74th Collection

A day trip into a park near our North Saskatchewan River. I was looking for what I call a “laneway to nowhere.” I found this rutted path. I took a first shot, but then took this one 20 minutes later after the sun broke through the clouds. I love the variety of textures and autumnal colors.

73rd Collection

A dramatic summer thunderstorm cell passing over our neighbourhood. The string colours ended in about 15 minutes. It always pays to wait out a sunset.

71st Collection

A little creative use of flowers from my garden, an old bird bath, a black card (with a husband to hold it) and pretty natural side lighting.

70th Collection

A gorgeous vista on a sunny day in Fairmont Hot Springs. These towering hoodoos can be found just down the highway from the hot springs. I love the contrast of the tall tree against the even taller rocky background.

69th Collection

A country drive nets old churches, cemeteries, and ramshackle buildings like this old outhouse. Three holes (for aeration) served as perfect portals for bright sunshine. And the flowers (I suspect from the nearby cemetery) were handy. I staged them and took the shot. I loved the brightness on the rugged old boards.

68th Collection

I find the macro on the new iPhones is quite capable. I make jewelry and decided to play with this necklace with a dusty clock face as a backdrop. The clarity in the gemstone is amazing.

67th Collection

A glorious winter’s day in central Alberta. Diamond frost on the trees with a bright sun peeking through.

65th Collection

A favourite locale in Alberta is the tiny town of Sylvan Lake. The people of the town did a fine job of redesigning this popular summer city into a year-round delight for locals and visitors alike. This walkway is built along the lake’s edge providing a great vanishing point perspective.

64th Collection

We were driving along country roads in Alberta, thick with fog. Although slippery, my husband managed to make a stop when I espied this pretty shot. A little trial and error put a sun star in the perfect nestled position in the branches. The splayed God’s rays and deep long shadows provided balance for this spindly group of trees.

64th Collection

Neon Alley in Edmonton Alberta in the Ice district. Well worth a nighttime visit to see these old reclaimed and refurbished colourful works of advertising art.

63rd Collection