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I’m an amateur photographer who started my journey in 2019 taking photographs for my son’s school. Since then I’ve found the love of seeing the world’s beauty around me and capturing it how I see it. I shoot primarily using my iPhone14 but have been learning how to properly use my Canon EOS 90D more recently.

Winning photos

Looking through a canon window at Begur Castle in Spain. I loved how the leaves were a perfect frame for such a picturesque townscape.

79th Collection

I love the geometry of downtown Calgary buildings… squares, rectangles and triangles. Seen from the top of the Calgary Tower.

77th Collection

To me, every building in Edinburg looks like a castle so capturing the glow of sunset just brought out the fantastic architectural details.

74th Collection

Red phone booths have always been fun to capture. These 2, side by side, gave the photo that extra symmetrical feel.

74th Collection

Who could resist capturing the beautiful fall golden light highlighting this spiderweb.

74th Collection

A cozy cottage peaks through the beautiful fall foliage at the gardens of Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, Scotland.

73rd Collection

Victoria Street in Edinburgh, Scotland, with its colourful facades, is rumoured to be J.K. Rowling’s inspiration for Diagon Alley in the Harry Potter Series of books.

73rd Collection

This giant size Newton’s Cradle caught my eye at the Calgary Science Center this summer. I loved the patterns and reflections I was able to capture.

71st Collection

What beauty we can find when you just sit down in the grass.

71st Collection

Calgary, Canada downtown skyline with one of our gorgeous, after a summer storm, sunsets.

71st Collection

On my first trip to Amsterdam I was in constant awe of the number of bicycles everywhere. This is just one of many photos of the iconic Amsterdam River and bicycles I took on that trip.

69th Collection

The Galleria Trees sculpture in downtown Calgary were installed in 2000. Since it is difficult to grow trees in Calgary, it was decided that the ten sculptures comprised of two design types would take the form of stylized trees as conceived by the Architect.

69th Collection

Walking around Amsterdam I was snapping random shots and was fortunate to capture this lovely lady on an iconic Amsterdam bicycle. I’ve played with this shot a lot but the BNW version is my favourite.

68th Collection

The wonderful red shutters of this building screamed to be displayed as a Color splash.

68th Collection

The inside of the Calgary Central Library which opened in 2018. It was designed by American-Norwegian architecture firm Snøhetta and has won numerous awards for its design. It is currently one of the most photographed locations in Calgary .

66th Collection

"Climb Mountains, not so the world can see you, but so you can see the world" - David McCullough Jr.
This was taken during a hike along the Burstall Pass Trail in Kananaskis, Alberta. It was a tough 13 hour hike with over 480 meters gain in elevation, but WOW the views at the top were so worth it!

66th Collection

The golden glow of the fire inside the teepee was so warm and inviting…both from the inside and outside .

65th Collection