Cam Green



Seattle, Washington

🇺🇸 The United States

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Vancouver (Canada)



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5th place in The United States

6th place in Canada

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2 months

Studio Name

weymss cavaick

iphone mini experimenteur

Retired copywriter/creative director exploring mostly unintentional, in-the-moment photos with hopes of tickling what's left of the right brain grey matter.

Winning photos

"M.I.A. on the Dock of the Bay." Lake Union, Seattle.

79th Collection

"Gulliver's Croquet." Gasworks Park, Seattle.

79th Collection

"Hall of Shadows." Westlake Union, Seattle.

79th Collection

"East meets West." Humlebæk, Denmark.

79th Collection

"Airwaves." Chicago, Illinois.

79th Collection

“What you lookin’ at?” Porto, Portugal.

78th Collection

“Now boarding.” Hornbaek, Denmark.

78th Collection

“Palm Threes.” Newport Beach, California.

78th Collection

“Beautifully Rotten.” Kronborg / Hamlet’s Castle, Helsingør, Denmark.

78th Collection

"Under Suspension" Vancouver, British Columbia.

77th Collection

"Yinyang Staircase" Humlebæk, Denmark.

77th Collection

"Bridge to the Past" Porto, Portugal.

77th Collection

"Drifty Shades of Grey" Kirkland, Washington.

77th Collection

"Bird's Eye View" London, England.

77th Collection

"Blue Shade Views" Rota, Spain.

77th Collection